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[Website Template] Iron Forge

Maintained [Website Template] Iron Forge 2.0

Online Demo:
  1. Template 02:https://annotech.net/demo/ironforge/template_02/index.html


  • Built with bootstrap 4.
  • Modern looking.
  • Easy to edit.
  • Easy to install.
  • Included email templates.
  • Easy to use.
  • Fully responsive.
  • Includes additional js & css libraries for better use.
  • Support for SASS.

Just simply drag all the files in the root directory of your host. (Example: /public_html/mywebsite)

  • It can be easily integrated with all kinds of frameworks, it's only a template so there aren't any php scripts included.
  • It can be easily used without any knowledge of coding you just simply need to edit the file and changes things.
  • If you have any suggestions / ideas what you would like to be implemented please contact me :)
  • If you need any help please contact me!

Servers using this template:
- Contact me if you purchased this template and want your site featured here.

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Latest updates

  1. Updated to Version 2.0!

    Updates: Added support for SASS. Updated some dependencies to the latest version. Brand new...
  2. Updated to Version 1.4!

    Changes: Profile page added! Some minor fixes! Announcement: The first template is now...
  3. Updated to Version 1.3!

    Updates: Added support for InteractJS on the authentication pages (login, register, password...
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