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Maintained SMSBG (Simple Minecraft Server Banner Generator) 2.0

SMBG (Simple Minecraft Banner Generator)

As the name of this project is it's just a simple php script which allows you to create custom banners for your minecarft server. These are live banners so they display live stats of your server. At the moment they display the address of your server, the amount of online players and the version of the server. But you may configure these options in the banner.php file.

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/hSE3GxV

Some images are used from Reign [512x]! by Tanner77.

Some additional information
  • You can now access the banner generator by going to yourdomain.com/banner/panel/index.php!
  • For prettier urls you can make a request without include the file's extension (Instead of banner.php?address=localhost:25565 you can simply just banner?address=localhost:25565).
  • This project also includes a server query using mcsrvstat.us api.
  • If you enable the enable_key option in the config file you can restrict the usage of the banner generator but then you must need to pass the following value for the future request's: &key=your_app_key. You can find the app_key in the config.php file. If you want to use it it's recommended to change it frequently but the actual usage of it is to disable the momentary usage of the generator.
  • Since adding a preset requires to provide the projects app_key every time you want to create a preset you can specify the app_key in the url and that way you can create presets easily. (Example: yourdomain.com/banner/panel/index.php?app_key=your_app_key)
  • All the presets are stored in the presets.json file if you set the preset-driver in the config.php to file and make please do not edit the presets.default.json.
  • This project includes 8 default banners (1-8) and 3 default fonts (Roboto, Ubuntu, Minecraftia)

  • Drag all the files included form the downloaded zip in to a folder and after the go to the config.php and change the app_url from http://localhost/banner/ to the domain for the banner generator.
  • Go to yourdomain.com/banner/panel/index.php?build_schema=1 (Only if you want your presets to be loaded from a database)

How can you make a request?!
  • You can get a custom banner by accessing:
  • You can access the server query by: query?address=your_minecraft_server_ip
  • Note 1: You can now simply request a banner by banner?address=your_minecraft_server_ip and the default settings in the config.php will be applied.
  • Note 2: Now you can also choose from 3 predefined styles for the banner (type), the default type for the banner is 1. Example: banner?address=your_minecraft_server_ip&type=2

How can you add a new banner background?!
The banner's resolution must be 468x60 and it must a jpg file and included in the img/background folder with the following name: banner_(here a custom number).jpg, example: banner_11.jpg. You can set the background of the banner by changing the background variable for example: banner?address=your_minecraft_server_ip&background=11&font=roboto.

How can you add a new font for the banner?!
First you need to add a add your font file to the fonts folder and rename it like this: examplefont-regular.ttf after this go to the config.php and add it to the fonts and the name you specify there should be just the font's name without the -regular.ttf and you must make sure it's all lowercase (The name specified in the config and the actual name of the font file must be all lowercase). And now you can change the font by simply changing the font variable in the request url for example: banner?address=your_minecraft_server_ip&background=1&font=your_custom_font.

How can you request a presetted banner?!
  • You can request a custom banner specified in the presets.json like this: banner?preset=hypixel (This is the default banner preset in the presets.json and you can use it as an example)
  • You can add a new preset in the presets.json or via the new banner generator panel by clicking on the "Create Preset" button.

Default config

$config = [
  'app_key' => 'K6TdeFXHuqZC7Fam', // Please change this to whatever your want (Do not leave this as default!)
  'enable_key' => false,
  'query_api' => 'https://api.mcsrvstat.us/2/',
  'app_url' => 'http://localhost/banner/',
  'enable_htaccess' => false,
  'fonts' => ['ubuntu', 'roboto', 'minecraftia'],
  'type_list' => [1, 2, 3],
  'defaults' => [
    'font' => 'minecraftia',
    'color' => '#fff',
    'background' => 1,
    'type' => 1
  'database' => [
    'host' => 'localhost',
    'database' => 'database',
    'username' => 'root',
    'password' => '',
    'prefix'  => 'banner_',
  'preset-driver' => 'file' // Driver Types: file, database
Request Examples

Example Banner
Default Banner

Default Presetted Banner
Nginx Config (Optional)
# nginx configuration

autoindex off;

location / {
  if (!-e $request_filename){
    rewrite ^/([^\.]+)$ /$1.php break;
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Latest updates

  1. Updated to Version 2.0!

    Features: New Banner Generator Panel! Updated banner.php! Some minor fixes!
  2. Updated to Version 1.3.2!

    Updates: The default server icon was changed.
  3. Updated to Version 1.3!

    Features: New background images! Some minor improvements!
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