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Jan 9, 2020
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If you want to post in this forum make sure that your thread has information about the thing you want to advertise (Ex: website link, email address or any social media site). Please don't use any swear words/phrases in your thread or anything discriminatory in it.

Please make sure that your thread is properly formulated and doesn't contain any nsfw (not safe for work) material(s).
You thread will be reviewed by a moderator before it will get posted. If your post doesn't get approved please try to fix the issues mentioned by the moderator and please do not resubmit your post if is not completed because it will get rejected.

Your thread must contain the following things:
  • The name of the advertised service / goods
  • The description of the advertised service / goods
  • Any way or form of contacting the owners / support
Your thread may optionally include the following things:
  • A website link
  • Any way or form of public contact
  • Additional information about the service / goods
  • Additional images and links of the service / goods
Anything containing the following things will be rejected immediately:
  • Sexual content
  • Political content
  • Discriminatory, abusive or racist content
  • False information
  • Scam content
  • Begging for donations or financial support
  1. You may include a donation link in your thread but it must be paypal or patreon. (If you are using an integrated donation system on your website you must include the link to it and it'll be reviewed by an administrator)
  2. If your thread contains a donation link you must specify it in the start of the thread. (Please be aware that this post includes a donation link where you can support us!)
  3. If the service you advertise has a monthly fee you must specify it and also if possible give additional information about it.

If your advertisement is for a charity / non-profit charitable organization before posting it please contact a site administrator!
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